Q 1. What is a car lease?
Ans. A car lease is another way to drive a car without having to make a large payment up front. You only pay for what you use. In other words, you will only pay for the amount by which a cars value depreciates during the time you drive it.

Q 2. Doesn’t getting a car mean lots of cash and time?
Ans.  No large lump sum payments up front.
 No deposit needed.
   No hassels of purchasing, registering, maintaining and then selling the car.
   Maintenance and Full Insurance included*

Q 3. What is included in the lease fee?
Ans.  Full Insurance* (Compulsory and Voluntary).
   Options (for example:GPS Navigation systems, ETC, etc.).
   Registration (Shakken, Parking Certificate, Users name).
   Taxes (Sales tax, Vehicle tax, Recycle tax etc.).

Q 4. Is Insurance included?
Ans. All lease vehicles come with full Insurance coverage*.

Q 5. How long is the lease term?
Ans. LeaseJapan leases cars for terms ranging from 6 months and up. We lease the car to suit your time frame.

Q 6. Do I need to pay a deposit?
Ans. NO. We require no deposit to start a lease**.

Q 7. Can I choose the color of the car and any options I want?
Ans. Yes. The color of the car has no effect on the lease fee***. You are able to choose any options you wish. These options will be built into the lease fee.

Q 8. Is there an English GPS Navigation System available in Japan?
Ans. Yes. LeaseJapan can install an English Navi in your lease car (if requested). We also sell the English Navi separately and can install it in your current car.

Q 9. What do I need to lease a car?
Ans. To lease a car and register the car in your name, you will need the following items:
 Inkan (Name stamp),
 Alien Registration (Gaijin Tourokushou) or Alien Registration Certificate (Kisaijikoshoumeishou),
 Car Park Certificate (Shakoushoumeisho),
 Bank account.
 Drivers License. It must be a valid and recognized license in Japan. (JapanDriversLicense)

Q 10. Do you provide assistance with obtaining the items mentioned in Q9?
Ans. Yes. Please contact LeaseJapan directly for more information.

Q 11. What if I have an accident?
Ans. We offer all of our clients a FREE 7 day/24hour help line service for any emergency or problem with the lease car. We will help translate if needed, Contact the police for you if needed, lodged all Insurance claims, have the car repaired and offer you a temporary car whilst your car is being repaired.

Q 12. Can I purchase my lease car at the end of the lease?
Ans. Yes. Please contact LeaseJapan directly for more information.

Q 13. Can I sell my current car through LeaseJapan?
Ans. Yes. We can assist you in selling your car through the car auctions.

Q 14. What is the difference between a lease and a loan?
Ans. With a lease, you borrow the car. With a loan you borrow money. Because you are not paying interest on a lease, your monthly payments will be lower. When a lease is finished, you have a choice of:
 Changing cars to a newer car,
 Extending the current lease,
 Handing back the car,
With a lease, all registration, Insurance and maintenance costs are included.

Q 15. Can you tell if it is a lease car from the number plate?
Ans. No. All lease cars have standard number plates. On the registration papers, you are listed as the “User” of the car and LeaseJapan is listed as the “Owner” of the car.

Q 16. What is the difference between a lease car and a rental car?
Ans. When you rent a car, it is usually for a short term and you can only choose a car from what the Rental Car Company has in stock. Also you can not choose options or colors. It is much cheaper to lease a car over the medium to long term than it will be to rent a car for the same time.
Lease Car
Rental Car
Medium to long term (6 months and up)
Short term (hours/days/weeks)
Lease company
Rental Car company
Rental Car company
Number plate:
No special plates
All rentals have WA(わ) on the plates
Low monthly fees
High monthly fees
Unlimited - You choose.
Limited to what is available

Q 17. Can I use an International Drivers License?
Ans. Yes, for most countries**** (Please see list of approved countries). However by law, you are only allowed to use one International Drivers License for a maximum of 12 months in Japan. After that, you must change to a Japanese Drivers License.

Q 18. Can LeaseJapan help me get my Japanese Drivers License?
Ans. Yes. We are able to help you get your Japanese License. We have different packages available for you to choose depending on your needs and budget (Please see JDL website)

Q 19. Can I cancel the lease at any time?
Ans. No. Whilst you can return the car at any time, you will have to pay the remaining lease payments. For example, if you return the car after 7 months of a 12 month lease, you will have to pay the remaining 5 months.


* Free regular maintenance and full Insurance is given on all new car leases. For used car leases, basic maintenance is provided. An excess may be incurred for used car leases due to insurance policy rulings.
** No deposit is required for company signed leases. A Deposit will be required for individual contracts.
*** White Pearl is usually an option color on most new cars.
**** Only International Licenses that belong to the Geneva Convention of 19 September, 1949 are recognized by Japan.